Ep. 11 The Controversies of Julia Gardiner Tyler

July 12, 2018

The media loved airing Julia Gardiner Tyler’s dirty laundry and after leaving the White House she fought to reclaim her title of first lady. Dr. Christopher Leahy and his wife and fellow historian, Sharon Williams Leahy, spoke with us about one of America’s most vivacious and strong-minded first ladies.

Ep. 10 Clementine Churchill: The Woman Behind the “British Bulldog”

June 21, 2018

Sir Winston Churchill remains one of the most well-known world leaders, but few realize the impact his wife had on his political career. Clementine Churchill both tamed and empowered the “British Bulldog”. We spoke with Sonia Purnell, author of Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill, to understand Clementine’s leadership and legacy.

Ep. 9 Service Above Self– The Leadership of Barbara Bush

June 7, 2018

Barbara Bush’s dedication to faith, family, and friends captured the hearts of Americans. We sat down for a conversation with her daughter, Doro Bush Koch, to celebrate a first lady and family matriarch who had an unwavering devotion to the United States and a commitment to service over self.

Ep. 8 The Celebrity Status of a First Lady

May 21, 2018

When Frances Clara Folsom married President Stephen Grover Cleveland on June 2nd, 1886, the media descended upon Washington. Frances garnered attention and scrutiny that no first family had seen before. A few years later, Edith Roosevelt, with six-children in tow, drew the line between her private and public life. We chatted with White House Historical Association Senior Historian Dr. Matthew Costello to understand the evolution of public intrigue around first spouses.

Ep. 7 Dolley Madison, The Political Genius

May 7, 2018

Bridging political divides, Dolley Madison and her fellow political spouses taught our politicians a thing or two about civility, manners, and the art of conversation. We chatted with Massachusetts Historical Society President Dr. Catherine Allgor about our early first ladies, in particular, Dolley Madison. 

Ep. 6 The Power of Collaboration

April 16, 2018

The community of first ladies may be small, but it is powerful. The women who make up this group understand its uniqueness and collaborate to amplify critical issues. We revisited conversations with Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Cherie Blair to explore how first ladies work together to draw attention to vulnerable populations.

Ep. 5 From Galas to Garden Parties: The White House Social Scene

April 2, 2018

Easter Egg Rolls, picnics, and dinners at the White House may not sound like urgent matters, but they are opportunities to reach across the aisle and build relationships thanks to the influence of first ladies. We chatted with co-author of Treating People Well and former White House Social Secretary Lea Berman about our nation's most well-known hostesses. 

Ep. 4 Laura Bush and the Policy of Compassion

March 19, 2018

On Sept. 11, 2001 the United States was forever changed. It marked the beginning of a new chapter for the presidency and American history. The public eye turned to Afghanistan and Laura Bush used her voice to be an advocate for those who were silenced. We sat down with Mrs. Laura Bush to learn more about her commitment to improving the lives of others. 


Ep. 3 Jackie Kennedy and the Art of Soft Power

March 19, 2018

While Jacqueline Kennedy is credited with changing the fashion industry, she also modernized the Office of First Lady. If we look beyond the fashion headlines and extravagant events, we find that Jackie used soft power to influence and advance policy. We chatted with Dr. Elizabeth Natalle, author of Jacqueline Kennedy and the Architecture of First Lady Diplomacy to learn more about Jackie's use of soft power.

Ep. 2 Hollywood and Florence Harding’s Legacy

March 5, 2018

When most people think of first ladies who were activists, they look to women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. But, women like Florence Harding, Nellie Taft, and Ellen Wilson warrant greater attention for how they challenged the status quo. We spoke with Dr. Katherine Sibley, author of First Lady Florence Harding: Behind the Tragedy and Controversy about how the early 20th century first ladies paved the way for those to follow.